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I was just wondering if this was a blue catfish or a channel catfish. I sadly don't have a picture of the anal fin, which I know would be very helpful. The fish had a very broad head and strange coloring to be a channel cat and was caught in northwest Georgia.

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IvanTortuga's picture

I can't really see the defining features enough to tell personally. Someone else might be better at it though. Here is a quick ID page that helps seperate the two so if you remember or have more pictures you'll be able to tell.

philaroman's picture

might be a trophy-size White, going by the whiskers in 2nd photo & your description of  "very broad head and strange coloring"

...can't see the tail clearly, but a Channel or Blue of that size would be a youngster w/ deeply forked, "pointy" caudal fin

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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I'd bet channel. Chin barbels have darker tips. If it was a white, the coloration would be slightly more blotchy  and less sleek, the body would be stouter and the head would be larger. Also it would be a world-record sized white. Doesn't look like a blue either,  judging by the proportions and the anal fin in the second pic. Watershed would be helpful for an ID. 

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It was caught in the little tallapoosa watershed
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It would be a world-record White, but honestly that's what it looks like to me. Look at that crazy overbite- not very CCAt-like at all. The caudal tips are also quite rounded, like a White's.

I've never caught a Blue though, so maybe those also make it a good candidate for that- I am just impressed by the mouth. Looks exactly like a White's.

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I'm actually definitely leaning towards Blue now.

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Channel cat 100%




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Thats a male channel cat.

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Thank you everyone for your input!