Reflection of 2023

When I reflect on myself from 2023, I saw myself not only grow and change as an angler, but grow and change as a person. I have become stronger in all sorts, I have become more intelligent in all sorts, and I have certainly shaped into an adventurer. Angling has brought me into a vast world of expansive diversity and helped shape my taste for fish and my heart for fun. Along this incredible journey, I have gone on adventures I never expected to experience and this has allowed me some of the most amazing opportunities.

Across the entirety of 2023, I had caught about 1,000 fish. Those 1,000 fish were all uniquely different. I had accomplished catch 41 different species of fish, 26 of those species being completely new to me. I had even 33 new personal bests throughout the year, which includes the new species. Of all the personal bests I had caught, I had beat previous personal bests 19 times. I had caught fish the size of my thumb and even a fish that was the size of me. 

I'm not one to enjoy dwelling too much in the past, despite all of the amazing memories. I am one to look towards the future, so what can we expect for my new adventures?:

I'm aiming for BIG! I want BIG fish this year! I've got a few fish this year that I want to catch, including Bigmouth Buffalo, Flathead Catfish, Longnose Gar, or even a big Wiper! Of course, I'll never know what I catch until I truly get to see and hold the fish, but these are goals. I've had fish evade me before, but I'm stubborn and eventually, the fish will budge and take the bait.

Species List:


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Thanks for sharing!  An awesome year you had- keep it up in 2024!

Fish on!