Week 10: Lunker Quest for Graceclaw Created: Sun, 08/09/2020 - 03:53 Default: No

Caught three 25" carp before I got this one while reeling in for the night, on crappy old 8 lb test and a medium-light rod. Weighed in at 9.5-10 lbs and was clearly over 26, though the hard-tape made a correct measurement surprisingly difficult. Image shows 29/30. I had a blast angling for and catching bigger carp again, thanks once again to this contest for making me get out and do it!


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Nice carp for sure. It's amazing how many medium sized carp a person can catch just under 26". I had the same thing going on and kept thinking "all I need is one that's two pounds bigger" but for every 10 pounder there seems to be 50 or so 6-8 pounders that will bite first. Catching a 10 pounder is no joke.

"There's always a bigger fish"