OPEN Species Requests

This is a list of all the new species or fish identification requests that have come in but have not been assigned a species yet. We try to get through all of these within a week or two, if possible, unless it's contest month or we're on a fishing trip. Displaying 1 - 25 of 116
Photo Requested by Post date Proposed Common Name Proposed Scientific Name Size Actual Species Assigned Edit link Closed Without Identification
maurer416 10/19/21 Cumberland Snubnose Darter Etheostoma atripinne Micro No
maurer416 10/19/21 Headwater Darter Etheostoma lawrencei Micro No
maurer416 10/19/21 Arrow Darter Etheostoma sagitta Micro No
maurer416 10/19/21 Warioto Darter Etheostoma gore Micro No
maurer416 10/19/21 Barcheek Darter Etheostoma obeyense Micro No
maurer416 10/19/21 Striped Darter Etheostoma virgatum Micro No
maurer416 10/10/21 Shawnee Darter Etheostoma tecumsehi Micro No
maurer416 9/24/21 Saddleback Darter Percina Vigil Micro No
maurer416 9/24/21 Brighteye Darter Etheostoma Lynceum Micro No
maurer416 9/24/21 Bandfin Darter Etheostoma zonistium Micro No
Eric Kol 9/13/21 Texas Logperch Percina carbonaria Micro No
Eric Kol 9/13/21 Ouachita Shiner Lythurus snelsoni Micro No
Hengelaar 9/10/21 White-eye Bream Ballerus sapa Standard No
BradleyR 9/7/21 Sculpin, Spoonhead Cottus ricei Micro No
football58 9/1/21 California Killifish Fundulus parvipinnis Micro No
BradleyR 8/18/21 Sculpin, Arctic Myoxocephalus scorpioides Standard No
jfleullan 8/14/21 Lessa's Butterfly Ray Gymnura lessae Standard No
Citylimits 7/29/21 Grubby Myoxocephalus aenaeus Micro No
Peeling Line 7/13/21 Northern Anchovy Engraulis mordax Micro No
maurer416 7/6/21 Highland Darter Etheostoma Teddyroosevelt Micro No
Bearded Rockling 6/18/21 White-eye bream Ballerus sapa Standard No
BradleyR 6/15/21 Capelin Mallotus villosus Standard No
BradleyR 6/15/21 Halibut, Atlantic Hippoglossus hippoglossus Standard No
BradleyR 6/15/21 Sculpin, Arctic Staghorn Gymnocanthus tricuspis Standard No
BradleyR 6/15/21 Sculpin, Arctic Hookear Artediellus uncinatus Micro No